Hail & Wind Roof Damage Repair

Hail & wind damage can wreak outright havoc on a roof. Strong hail, wind, and even heavy rains can adversely damage a roof when it is not appropriately maintained. Slate and tile are exceptionally hard products and really durable. Hail can damage these surfaces in a number of ways. When the hail is big, when the slate has weakened or has actually become thin and soft due to improper installation, the roofing can become susceptible to damage. It does not take a great deal of expertise to find damage on any roofing system surface, it is rather obvious, usually it looks just like a hole in the slate itself.

Hail can either break or puncture the slate and can damage metal flashings, requiring a substantial roof repair. Slate roof repair requires precision. It can damage slate roofing, but luckily in the majority of cases it can be repaired. Slate rooves rarely need complete roof replacement. Hail damage repair work in this manner replaces the damaged slates with matching slates. You have to match the slates as near the original as possible. This is to maintain the visual aspect of the roofing. Newer slates do not age the exact same as the older original slates and this can clearly be seen. Slate rooves require an experienced roofing contractor for hail damage repair.  

In fixing slates from hail damage the adjacent flashings have to actually be replaced. Dented flashings can be an unseen source of leaks that can trigger interior damage and inexperienced roofing contractors can sometimes miss damaged flashings when doing hail damage repair.

For the most part slate is wind resistant. Because of the angles of a slate roofing system it is really challenging for high winds to get beneath it and lift it loose, the slate itself is too heavy. When it does, the damages from heavy winds can result in the slate tiles actually being blown off your home. This can take place when the slate is not set up correctly, or an inexperienced roofing contractor uses the wrong nail size. Most wind damage on a slate roof is repairable. Very rarely does an entire slate roofing system need roof replacement, small roof repairs are more common. Roof replacement happens more commonly with asphalt shingle roofing systems.

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