Roof Repair in Belvidere IL, Loves Park IL, & Dekalb IL.

Even if your roof isn’t at the stage where it needs to be replaced, getting roof repairs right when you need them is vital to preserving the investment you’ve made in your home. At Double A Roofing & Siding Inc., we provide only the highest quality roofing repairs for homes throughout the entire Rockford area. Even if another roofing contractor already claims they’ve fixed the problem, we can pick up where they left off and get the job done right.

Solutions for Every Damaged Roof

While there are many things that could be wrong with your roof, a few of the most common issues you may experience include:

  • Pest-related damage
  • Storm damage
  • Mold and mildew
  • Wear and tear from age

Double A Roofing & Siding can expertly repair any of these issues and more! Even if you’re not quite sure what the issue is and how it should be addressed, you can expect us to come up with the most effective solution that allows you to feel safer in your home. 

If your roof is performing at anything less than 100%, your entire home is at risk. Because of this, working with an experienced roofing repair contractor like Double A Roofing & Siding is in the best interest of your home and your bank account. You’re investing in long-lasting quality!

Get a Quote on Roofing Repair in Rockford 

If you know your roof could use a little TLC, contact Double A Roofing & Siding! We will be happy to get you a free quote ASAP.

The best, water-tight roof repair in Rockford, Belvidere, Loves Park, & Dekalb IL. 

Someone has fixed your leaky roof, but water still drips down the wall. 60% of the repair work Double A Roofing & Siding Inc Of Rockford, IL is fixing other roofing contractor’s poor craftsmanship. Don’t make the mistake of hiring a fly by night roofing contractor based on pricing alone. It will cost you more money in the long run.

Tree damage, water leaks, roof falling apart? Your home is your biggest investment, and taking care of your roof ensures that your home stays in sound condition. We takes pride in our craftsmanship. 

Our company has been repairing and replacing roofs since 2004. We perform all types of roof repairs: Chimneys, flashing, pipe boots, leaky valleys, leaky skylights, missing shingles, leaky nail holes, leaky walls, and flat roof repairs. We specialize in the difficult, hard to repair roofs that other roofing companies may shy away from.

We will find the best materials that match your existing roof and add to the lifespan of your roof. Our roofers are experienced with a wide variety of roofing systems and materials. Shingle, tile, metal, modified bitumen, TPO membrane, and EPDM rubber membrane roof repairs are among our specialties.

If your repair is being covered by your insurance company, we will work closely with your insurance agent to get the job done right.

We have a reputation throughout the Northern Illinois & Southern Wisconsin area as an honest, reliable, and experience roofing contractor. Our quality workmanship, attention to detail, and competitive pricing have provided us with countless customer referrals, which are the backbone of our business.

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